It is a celebration of mediocrity, a sojourn of insecurity, and the unparalleled magnificence of failing in life, in love, and in any of other pathetic circumstance that's funnier when it's happening to someone else.


Devastating misfortune, crippling rejection, and overstated hyperbolehave never been this delightful.  This is: The Missing Digit. 


Marvin is a funny bundle of paradoxes.  He can be a cheerful cynic, a self-conscious narcissist, and a witty nincompoop who would laugh because you just said the word "poop."  Marvin is the center of this idiosyncratic cast of characters.  He is life’s unlucky loser.  Things will fall on him, lightning will strike him, and he will never get the girl, but from pain comes the unadulterated pleasure of laughing at all this grief happening to the other guy- he is that "other guy," who just happens to be a cartoon bird. 

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Mary is the “voice of reason.” She is a foil to the malarkey, shenanigans, and pathetic advances of the imbeciles who surround her.  However, even the most grounded individual is not immune to being the butt of a joke or a victim of her own antics.  Mary shares a funny little “love-hate,” relationship with Marvin in which she “hates,” him and would “love,” to find some new friends.  Perhaps one day her feelings about him will change, but while Marvin waits for pigs to fly and Hell to freeze over, Mary is the perfect odd-woman-out to keep this group legitimate.

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Imagine the most conceited person you know.  Multiple their ego by the number of times they look at a mirror in a day, add in the frequency they invoke their own name in regular conversation, and raise it to the power of how often they celebrate their own birthday in a year.  Now, turn this person into a brown duck, add ten pounds and you have Rob.  Rob is Marvin’s “partner in crime,” who adds an even greater level of absurdity to their antics.   The irony is that Rob never knows how oblivious he really is and is never actually trying to sound vain or be ridiculous- he's just being "Rob."

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